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Painting With Purpose, LLC was established in July 2017, and has been growing strong ever since. Painting With Purpose is a traveling paint party business that specializes in providing premier paint experiences. For the past two years, we have strived in excellence with providing personal paint experiences to individuals, schools, summer camps and churches. Our goal has always been to speak LIFE through art while touching one heart at a time, one mind at a time and encouraging one soul at a time. We aim to take the therapeutic approach by traveling across the map reaching hospitals, nursing homes, schools and therapeutic practices.


Why therapeutic? 
We have grown to realize that we don’t just pour the paint, we POUR naturally into anyone that comes into contact with Painting With Purpose.. so why not try to meet the masses where they are? Why not introduce art to therapy and healing through the arts.  The mission hasn’t changed, it’s just time to enlarge the territory. 

Erica Carpening is the owner and artist of Painting With Purpose, LLC. As a young child she exhibited the skills of an artist. Over the course of the last year, her gift has become her passion, hence Painting With Purpose, LLC was born. As God continues to guide her thoughts and her hands, Erica continuously strives to provide optimal experiences for paint party participants as well as touch lives through art.


Our Motto



Providing a peaceful and intimate atmosphere for each painter.


Offering not only an art class but a one on one experience . 


Reassuring the painter that they can build confidence and increase skills through creative art.


Reassuring the painter that they can build confidence and increase skills through creative art and paint therapy.



I used painting with a purpose LLC for my first ministry event and I must say I was very pleased with my overall experience. The CEO’s pleasant spirit and warm approach made it so easy to do business with (especially at such a busy time). She was very helpful and willing to work with me to make sure her part of the experience was the best she could offer. Her assistant, Sam was also just as pleasant as her, very sweet, easy going, and willing to help.

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